Kurukuru Bus
Kurukuru Bus
Kurukuru Bus
Kurukuru Bus
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The charming point of only in the KURUKURU BUS

Recently, the tourists to Japan who from all over the world are increasing. Especially European have a maturity about individual travel. The reasons of starting a 'Kurukuru Bus' are to make a new value proposition for the tourists, the new trend of travel and the individual tourists' increased from the mature market. 'Kurukurubus' has been started for one day trip and we made courses in the major city of the Japan (Osaka, Hokkaido, Tokyo) Kurukurubus will put our best effort on Individual tour market to invigorate the Global OUTBOUND.

The charming point of only in the KURUKURU BUS

1. Deluxe large bus
2. Daily operation (Departing from 1 person)
3. The guide will make your best travel.
4. No additional options

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