EXPLORER JAPAN 7 DAYS / Price:€1,801 1 Adult, 80% for a Child(2 to 11year)

2018 Departure Info


16 times in total (1 or 2 times of every month, departing Sunday)


28 JAN, 25 FEB, 11 MAR, 8 APR, 6 MAY, 20 MAY, 10 MAY,  8 JUL, 22 JUL, 19 AUG, 9 SEP, 30 SEP, 14 OCT, 10/28, 11 NOV, 2 DEC

Tokyo(1)→Mount Fuji→Hakone→Tokyo(2) →Kyoto(3)



The Essence of Japan! From Tokyo To Kyoto! Package+Do It Yourself


Tokyo Experience the unique tastes and newest trends to Japan.


Mount Fuji Have a wonderful vacation at the place of rest for Japanese souls!


Hakone In the green nature, try riding a cruise or getting on the ropeway!


Kyoto A place representative of Japan’s traditional culture. Take in Japan’s history and culture all year round.


Arashiyama Formerly a vacation home for Heian-era nobles, Arashiyama is now a popular tourist destination in Kyoto. Togetsu-kyo Bridge and Tenryu-ji Temple are 2 of the most popular attractions. Relax in the bamboo forest.


Kiyomizu-dera Temple By far the most popular tourist destination in Kyoto, Kiyomizu-dera Temple’s main hall offers marvelous scenery all year round.


Gion District Enjoy the old appearance of Kyoto. Take some photos with maikos on the street and old scenery of Machiya in Kyoto.

DAY 1 Tokyo(X/X/X)


Welcome to Tokyo!

After checking in individually, please take a break during the free time.


DAY 2 Tokyo ­ Mount Fuji ­ Hakone ­ Tokyo

A refuge for the Japanese soul!

After breakfast, meet your guide at the hotel lobby. Your tour will begin as soon as you board the coach bus prepared just for you. You will be visiting Mount Fuji and Hakone. When you visit Mount Fuji, enjoy the awesome sight at the 5th Station. Take a ride on the Hakone Ropeway and Lake Ashi Boat Cruise.


DAY 3 Tokyo(B/X/X)

Highlight City Tour-Self-Managed Tour or Selected Schedule

[Selected Schedule] (Bus+English-speaking Guide+lunch+entrance fee included)

After breakfast, meet your guide at the hotel lobby. The morning portion of the tour will include visits to Asakusa Temple, where Sensoji, the most popular temple in Tokyo, is located in, and to Nakamise Shopping Street, featuring 80+ shops. After lunch, the tour will take you to the Imperial Palace where the Japanese emperor resides, and Diver City and Toyota Mega Web in Odaiba. After the end of the tour and return to the hotel, take some time for yourself!

DAY 4 Tokyo Station ­ Shinkansen(High-speed Rail) ­ Kyoto Station(B/X/X)

Bullet Train

After breakfast, you will be heading to Tokyo Station individually. At the station, you will be able to catch a ride on the famous bullet train. Take the Shinkansen to Kyoto, where Japan’s traditions are still alive and flourishing. We hope that you’ll enjoy your ride on the Shinkansen - having the bento meal. After you arrive at Kyoto Station, you will head to the hotel individually. After check-in, take some time to prepare for the next day’s schedule and relax.


DAY 5 Kyoto(B/L/D)

Essential Cultural Heritage Tour

Meet your guide at the hotel lobby after having some breakfast. You will be visiting Arashiyama and find tranquility in your heart as you walk the bamboo forest and the garden of Tenryu-ji Temple. Enjoy Kyoto’s lunch and visit Kinkaku-ji Temple and Kiyomizu-dera Temple. Next, visit the Gion District and see the beauty of Maikos in kimono. After you return to the hotel, relax and enjoy the evening.


DAY 6 Kyoto(B/X/X)

Highlight Cultural Heritage Tour ­ Self-Managed Tour or Selected Schedule

Selected Schedule(Bus+English-speaking Guide+lunch+entrance fee included)

Meet your guide at the lobby after breakfast. Watch the Kimono Show at the Nishijin Textile Center and spend some quality time at Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, Daiunzan Ryoanji and Nijo Castle(the castle of Nijo-jo). The tour concludes at Fushimi Inari Taisha, where you take the most Japanese photo during the tour. After returning to the hotel, enjoy your evening.

DAY 7(B/X/X)

See you in Japan again!

After breakfast, please check out individually. We wish you a safe and happy travel.

Single Charge: 407 EUR

(Triple room is available without single charge for 3 pax)

Duration: Friday ~ Friday / 7 nights 8 days  

Departure: 7th April, 12nd May, 9th/June, 7th/July, 18th April, 8th September, 13rd October, 27th October, 10 November, 1rd December

Min. pax: 1 pax (Guaranteed departure)


6 night accommodation at multiple 3.5 star hotels

Other transportations specified in the itinerary

English speaking tour guide(except on day 1,3, 4,6 and 7)

Meals in the itinerary ∙Admission fees in the itinerary


Tokyo Station>Kyoto Station One-way Shinkansen (regular seats) 

Round-trip International and all domestic air ticket

Travelers' insurance ∙Meals not specified in the itinerary

Service beyond the itinerary ∙Personal expense throughout the tour

English speaking tour guide(except on day 1,3, 4,6 and 7)

Optional schedules(Days 3 and 6)

*Note: Schedule details(inclusion and exclusion) may differ on the day of departure.                           

Cancellation Policy

 30 days : No charge (You will get a full refund.)
 29-20 days : 10% of total charge (90% refund)
 19-11 days : 20% of total charge (80% refund)
 10-07 days : 40% of total charge (60% refund)
 06-03 days : 60% of total charge (40% refund)
 02-01 days : 80% of total charge (20% refund)
 0 day(departure date) : 100% of total charge (No refund)

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