Single Charge: 340 EUR

(Triple room is available without single charge for 3 pax)

Duration: Monday ~ Thursday / 10 nights 11 days                            

Departure: 22th Jan / 5th Feb / 19th Mar / 9th Apr / 7th May / 4th Jun / 2nd Jul / 20th Aug / 3rd Sep / 8th Oct / 19th Nov / 24th Dec (Monday, Beijing)

Min. pax: 1 pax (Guaranteed departure)


- 10nights of accommodation at 4~5 star hotels at each area based on Twin room use
- Meals: Breakfasts at hotels, lunches & dinners at local restaurant as itinerary
- English speaking tour guide
- All entrance fees
- Transportation * Van (1~4pax) or Mini coach (5~9pax) or Medium-sized coach (10~17pax) or Large-sized coach (18pax~)


- Chinese Domestic Airfares (Beijing > Xi’an > Guilin > Shanghai: EUR 492/pp No separate purchase) 

- International Airfares

- Airport meeting and sending service

- Traveler's insurance

- Personal expenses

- Meals as not specified on the itinerary

- Single supplement

- Chinese Visa processing fee

- Optional Tour Pee

*The itinerary above is subject to change due to local circumstances

Cancellation Policy

 30 days : No charge (You will get a full refund.)
 29-20 days : 10% of total charge (90% refund)
 19-11 days : 20% of total charge (80% refund)
 10-07 days : 40% of total charge (60% refund)
 06-03 days : 60% of total charge (40% refund)
 02-01 days : 80% of total charge (20% refund)
 0 day(departure date) : 100% of total charge (No refund)

DISCOVER CHINA 11 DAYS/Price:€1,674, 80% for a Child(2 to 11 year)

DAY 1 (Mon)    

Home->Beijing  [Dinner]

Go to the hotel and check in(option, see Day11).
After a little rest, have dinner and go to see the Golden Mask Dynasty performance directed by Chinese master Zhang Yemo, and then return to the hotel and relax.
Accommodation: Novotel Beijing Peace Hotel(4*) or similar                    

DAY 2 (Tue)    

Beijing / [Meal   B:O   L:O   D:O]


After breakfast, move to Tiananmen Square, the center of Beijing, the capital city of China, and feel the scale of the continent. Walk through Tiananmen square with the picture of Mao Zedong and enter the Forbidden City, the Imperial Palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The Forbidden City is a World Cultural Heritage, and the lifestyles and artifacts of the eras are well preserved, so you can experience a living culture. After that, have the most famous Peking Duck for lunch at the Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant and move to Temple of Heaven.
Temple of Heaven is designated as a World Cultural Heritage site.Afterwards, visit Summer Palace, which is a private garden of the Empress Dowager Cixi, and you can feel the influences of Empress Dowager Cixi while enjoying the artificial lake that was created. Come back to the hotel and relax.        


Lunch: Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant - Beijing Duck  

Dinner: Vietnamese style Shabu Shabu & Spring rolls     

Accommodation: Novotel Beijing Peace Hotel(4*) or similar                    


DAY 3 (Wed) 

Beijing / [Meal   B:O   L:O   D:O ]

After breakfast, depart for the Great Wall, one of China’smost famous World Heritage sites.(Select and visit one place among Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, Juyongguan Great Wall after consultation)
Climb directly the Great Wall and feel the breath of the Wall built over hundreds of years, which is long enough to be seen from the moon. Then, on the way back to the hotel, enjoy the main stadium and swimming pool of the 2008 Summer
Olympic Games through the window and relax.

Accommodation: Novotel Beijing Peace Hotel (4*)or similar                 



DAY 4 (Thu)

Beijing->Xi'an  Transfer by air [Meal   B:O   L:O   D:O]

*Flight Reference: MU2106 10:55-12:55/CA1209 10:20-12:30 (Can be changed)
After breakfast, move to the airport to fly to Xi’an.
Arrive in Xi’an, the capital of China for centuries and look around the preserved city walls with a friendly guide. Then visit
Qingzhensi Temple, the great mosque of Xi'an, where you can feel the Islamic culture that has flowed into China.
Check in at the hotel and take a break.

Dinner: Tang Dynasty Show - Show + Food

Accommodation: Titan Times Hotel (4*) or similar


DAY 5 (Fri)

Xi'an / [Meal   B:O   L:O   D:O]

After breakfast, visit the Xi’an Banpo Museum, a All the figures look different to each other. It makes people feel the majesty of the time. Mausoleum of the Qin Shi Huang Although the inside of the Mausoleum of the Qin Shi Huang has not been excavated, the entire hill seems to have been used as a tomb of the Qin Shi Huang, and designated as a World Heritage site. Tang Dynasty Show Various stories of the Tang Dynasty are shown as comedies and can be enjoyed together with meals.
Li River Cruise You can enjoy beautiful scenery from Guilin, one of China's most famous scenery,up to the Li River, and you are given the chance to actually photograph the place that appeared in Chinese currency 20 yuan. Special Food Peking Duck at Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant, Tang Dynasty Show and Food, Farewell Dinner of South Beauty Sichuan Cuisine representative museum in Xi’an and head for Terracotta Warriors. Terracotta Warriors are a collection of the soldiers, horses, and chariots of real size buried to keep the army unit of the Qin Shi Huang even in the afterlife. They give a strong impression of being alive because their appearances and expressions appear different for each individual figure. On the hill on the path to Terracotta Warriors, a world heritage, the Mausoleum of the Qin Shi Huang is located. Although it has not been excavated, its value is highly appreciated. After that, have dinner while enjoying the Tang Dynasty Show and return to the hotel for a rest.

Accommodation: Titan Times Hotel (4*) or similar

DAY 6 (Sat)

Xi'an->Guilin  Transfer by air / [Meal   B:O   L:O   D:O]

*Flight Reference:(Night) CA1225 18:40-20:40/ MU2307 19:15-21:05 (Can be changed)
After breakfast, have free time and then go to meet a guide at lunch time. Afterwards, visit the Small Wild Goose Pagoda, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, and the North Square. The two towers show that Xi’an played a major role not only in the distribution of logistics but also in the flow of religion, where Buddhist scriptures from the West were translated and archived. In the North Square, you can enjoy a variety of snacks and challenges like the Wangfujing Street in Beijing. After boarding a flight to Guilin, you will meet a friendly guide in Guilin, check in at the hotel and relax.

Accommodation Grand Link Hotel(5*)



DAY 7 (Sun)

Guilin / [Meal   B:O   L:O   D:O]


After breakfast, take a cruise to explore Guilin Scenery with hills and waters, China’s representative scenery, and start the journey along Li River. Breezes directly on the top floor of the cruise make traveling a little easier. When you admire the clear water of Li River and the curve of the soft mountains, you will see the region that appears in Chinese currency 20 yuan. You can enjoy your free time at the Yangshuo, the end of the Li River cruise. After free time, go back to Guilin and return to the hotel after dinner and take a rest.

    *Optional Tour
      - Yulonghe bamboo rafting ($35/per)
      - Cormorant fishing show + Yangshuo village tour ($25/per)

Accommodation: Grand Link Hotel(4*) or similar                    



DAY 8 (Mon)

Guilin->Shanghai  Transfer by air  /  [Meal   B:O   L:O   D:O]

After breakfast at the hotel, visit the Reed Flute Cave and experience the mystique of the cave created by natural erosion. In Guilin, water-drinking elephants are hidden. Go to the Elephant Trunk Hill to find them. Afterwards, take a plane to Shanghai, meet a friendly guide in Shanghai, check in at the hotel and relax.

Accommodation: The Bund Riverside Hotel(4*) or similar                    



DAY 9 (Tue)

Shanghai / [Meal   B:O   L:O   D:O]

After breakfast, move to Yu Garden which is a representative garden of Jiangnan(Southern of Yangtze River). Yu Garden was a garden built by a son for his father. The story has a sad ending that his father left the world before the completion of the garden and the son could not show the garden to his father. After that, go to Taikang Road(Tianzifang) where Chinese young artists gather. You can feel new artistic inspirations there. Then, walk through the most popular Nanjing Road in Shanghai and finish dinner. After that, watch Shanghai Circus World and enjoy Chinese art. After the event, return to the hotel and take a break.

Accommodation:  The Bund Riverside Hotel(4*) or similar


DAY 10 (Wed) 

Shanghai / [Meal   B:O   L:O   D:O]

After breakfast, visit the Shanghai museum, which is famous for its statues and ancient currencies, and the Shanghai International Settlement where the France was first settled in the port city of Shanghai. Visit The Bund in Shanghai where you can see Oriental Pear Radio & TV Tower, which represents Shanghai. After Oriental Pear Radio & TV Tower, visit Shanghai Xintiandi and the North garden. There, you can feel Shanghai, the center of Chinese economy. Enjoy farewell dinner of Sichuan cuisine, then take a cruise on the Huangpu River, enjoying the night view of the river and experiencing new Shanghai. Then return to the hotel and take a break.

Dinner: Farewell Dinner - Sichuan Cuisine

Accommodation:  The Bund Riverside Hotel(4*) or similar                 



DAY 11 (Thu)

Shanghai->Home / [Meal   B:O   L:X   D:X ]

After breakfast, take various aspects of China into the heart, leave for the airport to return to the sweet home.


End of services


    *Extra Sending Service (Hotel <> Airport, Private car:7Pax)

     - Driver Only(Drop only): $70

     - Driver+English Guide(Help getting boarding pass):$140

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