EXPLORE CHINA 9 DAYS/Price:€1,312, 80% for a Child(2 to 11 year)

DAY 1 (Mon)    

Home->Shanghai [Meal   B:X   L:O   D:X]

The tour starts after meeting a guide in the hotel lobby. You can compare old and modern Shanghai while looking around major tourist spots such as Yu Garden, Nanjing Road, Oriental Pear Radio & TV Tower, and The Bund. Yu Garden is a park located in the center of the city. It is a traditional garden created by Pan Yun Duan, who was an officer of the Ming Dynasty 400 years ago. He built the garden for 20 years for his father. The Bund is lined with European-style buildings along the Huangpu River, so you can enjoy the exotic atmosphere and the beautiful scenery of Pudong area at night. Feel the cutting-edge modern city Shanghai at The Bund!

    *Optional Tour     

      - Shanghai Circus World(A seat: $60/per)
Accommodation: (3*) or similar                    

DAY 2 (Tue)    

Shanghai-Huangshan [Meal   B:O   L:X   D:X]

Travel freely after moving from Shanghai to Huangshan. It takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes by high-speed train to Huangshan, and includes a pick-up vehicle from the Shanghai Hotel to Shanghai railway station and from the Huangshan Railway Station to the hotel. 
*High-speed train G1509 / 08: 42-13: 13 Accommodation Hotel(3 star) 

Accommodation: (3*) or similar                  


DAY 3 (Wed) 

Huangshan-Zhengzhou  [Meal   B:O   L:O   D:X]

Visitors can enjoy full-day excursions in Mount Huangshan, a representative and World Cultural Heritage site in China. A must see of Mount Huangshan is a gallant pine trees standing alone. After that, go to Zhengzhou and stay over. Located in the southeast of Anhui Province, Huangshan Scenic Area is one of the top 10 tourist destinations in China and designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1990, The scenery Mount Huangshan, where oddly looking pine trees, rocks, and the sea of clouds are in harmony, has earned a great reputation due to the best view on the earth.
Director Ang Lee's 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’, which was released in 2000, became also famous for its filming in Huangshan.
*High-speed Train G190/17: 49-23: 07          

Accommodation: (3*)or similar                 



DAY 4 (Thu)

Zhengzhou-Luoyang [Meal   B:O   L:O   D:X]

It is a journey started from Zhengzhou through Shaolin Temple, the center of Chinese martial arts to Luoyang. Shaolin Temple is China’s #1 Zen Buddhist Temple and the birthplace of Shaolin Temple martial arts. Shaolin International Martial Arts Festival where the world's leading martial art masters come together every September, is famous. And the cemetery that keeps the Sarira(Buddhist relics) of the old monks looks like a forest. So, it is called stone forest. Luoyang is one of the 7 ancient cities in China and famous for often being the capital in Chinese history together with Xi'an. Apart from Longmen Grottoes, there are various historical sites in Luoyang such as White horse temple, the first temple in China, and Guanlin Temple, the tomb of Guan Yu.

    *Optional Tour     

      - Masssage($30/per)

Accommodation: (3*)or similar   


DAY 5 (Fri)

Luoyang-Xi’an [Meal   B:O   L:O   D:X]

Feel free to experience Luoyang, where a long history and traditional cultures are alive!
Go to Xi’an after staying in Luoyang until dinner time. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes by high-speed train to Xi’an, and includes a pickup vehicle from Luoyang Hotel to the railway station and from the Xi’an Railway Station to the hotel.
*High-speed Train G836/18: 42-20: 17

    *Optional Tour     

      - Luoyang City Tour($150/per)

Accommodation: (3*)or similar   

DAY 6 (Sat)

Xi’an / [Meal   B:O   L:O   D:X]

After meeting a guide, visit major tourist attractions of Xi’an such as Mausoleum of the Qin Shi Huang, Terracotta Warriors and Hua Qing Palace. The Terracotta Warriors were accidentally discovered by a farmer who dug a well in a rural village in Xi’an in 1974. Numerous soldiers and horses were designed to keep the tomb of the Qin Shi Huang. An amazing thing is that each figure has a different look. Hua Qing Palace is a hot spring resort in Mount Li located 30km northeast of Xi’an, and built by Xuanzong Emperor of the Tang dynasty. The palace is famous for Xuanzong 's romance with his consort Yang Guifei.

    *Optional Tour     

      - 13 Dynasties Show/Tang Dynasty Show($40/per)

Accommodation : 
(3*)or similar    



DAY 7 (Sun)

Xi’an-Beijing  [Meal   B:O   L:X   D:X]


Until the evening, enjoy the leisurely trip to Xi’an, then go to Beijing.
It takes about 11 hours and 30 minutes by night train to Beijing, and includes a pickup vehicle from the Xi’an Hotel to the railway station.
*Night Train Z2/19: 21-06: 58

Accommodation: Sleeping Train                   

DAY 8 (Mon)

Beijing /  [Meal   B:O   L:X   D:X]

Travel to Beijing, the capital of the People’s Republic of China with a population of 1.3 billion people. In Beijing, which has a long history of over 800 years, you can discover the past and present of China. Tiananmen Square, which stretches 500m east-west and 880m north-south, is the world’s largest. Tiananmen, where Mao Zedong declared the formation of the People’s Republic of China, is located there. The square is a symbolic place of modern Chinese history, where two Tiananmen Massacres took place. The Forbidden City is the largest palace on earth, built in 1406 by Yongle Emperor of the Ming Dynasty. The Forbidden City is a huge architectural museum and a historical museum representing China.


    *Optional Tour     

      - Madame Tussauds Museum($30/per)

Accommodation: (3*)or similar                   

DAY 9 (Tue)

Beijing /  [Meal   B:O   L:O   D:X]

On the last day of the tour, you will visit Mutianyu Great Wall and Summer Place on the outskirts of Beijing. Mutianyu Great Wall is a place where the original shape of the Great Wall is well preserved. The view from the wall is excellent.
The Summer Palace of the Emperor has aesthetic value due to the natural beauty of the hills and vast lakes, as well as the artificial sculptures such as bases of column, building forms, palaces, temples and bridges.

    *Optional Tour     

      - Golden Mask Dynasty(Seat A: $30/per)


End of services


    *Extra Sending Service (Hotel <> Airport, Private car:7Pax)

     - Driver Only(Drop only): $70

     - Driver+English Guide(Help getting boarding pass):$140

Single Charge: 271 EUR

(Triple room is available without single charge for 3 pax)

Duration: Monday ~ Tuesday / 8 nights 9 days                            

Departure: 29th Jan / 26th Feb / 12th Mar / 16th Apr / 14th May / 25th Jun / 9th Jul / 27th Aug / 10th Sep / 15th Oct / 12th Nov / 17th Dec (Monday, Shanghai)

Min. pax: 2 pax (Guaranteed departure)


- 8nights of accommodation at 3 star hotels at each area based on Twin room use
- Meals: Breakfasts at hotels, lunches & dinners at local restaurant as itinerary
- English speaking tour guide
- All entrance fees
- Transportation * Van (1~4pax) or Mini coach (5~9pax) or Medium-sized coach (10~17pax) or Large-sized coach (18pax~)


- International Airfares

- Airport meeting and sending service

- Traveler's insurance

- Personal expenses

- Meals as not specified on the itinerary

- Single supplement

- Chinese Visa processing fee

- Optional Tour Pee

*The itinerary above is subject to change due to local circumstances

Cancellation Policy

 30 days : No charge (You will get a full refund.)
 29-20 days : 10% of total charge (90% refund)
 19-11 days : 20% of total charge (80% refund)
 10-07 days : 40% of total charge (60% refund)
 06-03 days : 60% of total charge (40% refund)
 02-01 days : 80% of total charge (20% refund)
 0 day(departure date) : 100% of total charge (No refund)

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